Cloudy Hollywood

I don't really have a solid vision for how this will work as a game, but it occurs to me that fleshing out the game code/graphics puts me in a much better position to figure it out and finish it. When you have nothing but an idea, it's easy to tell yourself that it's not worth starting.

In this update I stole some more background graphics from the podcast video and made a few cloud layers. I have houses to add but I want to have them spawned at runtime and placed with some randomness. I'll add parallax scrolling to the houses as well as the mountains and whatever else is back there. A large chunk of time has been spent fighting with the shader I made for sprites in the dark region. Despite having higher Z values, some sprites were rendering on top of ones that were closer to the camera. The culprit? "ZTest Always" was set (instead of the proper "ZTest LEqual"). Lesson learned.

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Version 5 Aug 21, 2017

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